Weekly Observations for the Learning Record – Week 13

My observations for the six categories of the learning record for the course Hypermedia Theory and Design in the Master of Science in Technical Communication and Professional Writing degree program.

Confidence and independence

Continued readings in usability and accessibility  have increased my confidence in producing better web page design.  I feel better informed when I make recommendations in the workplace.

Skills and strategies

I have updated my skills for the hypermedia project by using Twitter Bootstrap to build web pages.  This has been challenging and wrought with technical issues.  Now that I have a better understanding of the Twitter Bootstrap framework, I intend to keep building webpages with this framework to see how far I can take the designs.

Knowledge and Understanding

The hypermedia project has added to my knowledge of web page building and I have also gained a new understanding of the importance of creating accessible web sites.  I also realize there are challenges for this as well as conflicting opinions from web designers and developers on how to handle accessible code.

Use of prior and emerging experience

I have built upon my prior knowledge of HTML, CSS and basic jQuery to create my hypermedia project.  I am also able to implement many of the principles from the readings into my project and into my current workplace functions.


I realize that Anne Gentle’s book “Conversation and Community” contains a wealth of useful knowledge but I am unable to implement much of this due to workplace policy.  However, I can share what I have learned and will keep my notes and homework as reference material for any future opportunities to make suggestions when appropriate.

Graduate Preparedness

Previously in my observations, I have stated that this course is preparing me for other coursework where I will encounter more theory.  I also believe this class is preparing me to create better content and webpages for my workplace.  The hypermedia assignment has been most useful in learning core principles of design and layout for best practices for the web and mobile.

When Tutorials Go Wrong

If you are trying to build a database or learn a new function on a spreadsheet, then having a poorly written tutorial means you will not be able to learn.  I have discovered the is a good use for poorly written tutorials: artwork!

I have read and attempted hundreds of Photoshop tutorials and there is always some point where the tutorial goes off the rails and stops making sense.  Some of my best art pieces came from when I had to give up on the tutorial and go my own way. 

http://surlana.deviantart.com/art/Prize-Fight-123024670 <–everyone has done this tutorial but none of them put robots in the picture!