Jane Austen Became Immersive

Jane Austen Became Immersive

Proof that Jane Austen, in any form, is a timeless masterful writer. 


Week 14 of Hypermedia Theory and Design – Weekly Observations

Confidence and independence

 With the hypermedia assignment, I have gained a better understanding of usability and accessibility and best practices for the web. Resources such as AccessU2010 and W3C validator have been the most useful tools in finding the weaknesses in my hypermedia project. I am more confident know about best practices and will be able to recommend better design and layout for future webpage design.

Skills and strategies

Though it was not part of the required instructions, I took it upon myself to learn a new method of creating web pages.  This allowed me to learn even more about responsive design.  Learning Twitter Bootstrap will give me a way to design web pages faster. I am also going to research using LESS with is a compiled version of CSS that works with Bootstrap.

Knowledge and Understanding

The hypermedia project has increased my knowledge and understanding of web design.  I now have a solid foundation of knowledge and theory to rely on for future web development.

Use of prior and emerging experience

My prior knowledge of HTML, CSS, and basic jQuery allowed me to learn Twitter Bootstrap quickly. All of the source materials in this course added to my prior knowledge and experience.


I intend to use my weekly homework assignments for the hypermedia project as the basis of a report about redesigning future CHSS web sites.  I will draw from the rationale sections and content analysis. I want to use this report as a method to synthesize what I have learned about best practices for the web, usability, accessibility and search engine optimization.

Graduate Preparedness

This project prepares me not just for more graduate work but also for daily tasks in my workplace.  I can begin using best practices now in college web pages.