My Top Ten Female SciFi Roles

My personal list of the top five characters for female SciFi roles:

5. Sara Conner

4. Princess Leia “A New Hope”

3. Captain Janeway

2. Red Sonja

1. Ellen Ripely

Sara Conner fought in Terminator one, but ended up going crazy or so it seemed. She got locked away in T2 for talking crazy about robots. But while in the loony bin, she stayed mentally and physically  strong so she was ready to kick butt when the time came.

Princess Leia the first ‘self-rescuing’ Princess on film. Yeah she got captured, but give her ONE phaser pistol and get out of her way.  She really didn’t need Luke, Han, Chewie and the robots slowing her down.  She comes from a lineage of kick-butt woman, like her mom, Padme.

Captain Janeway could do battle with a phaser rifle or match you in a can of wits. She had to pick up arms and defend her crew and ship but she also had to make many hard ethical decisions that would put her under scrutiny if she was anywhere near Starfleet, but she had to get through the Delta quadrant on her training as a captain and her ability instill loyalty in her crew.

Red Sonja I hear you shout.  Well go back and watch the movie. She trained as a warrior, her sister’s a leader in an all woman tribe. The villain is a woman, the heroine is a woman. Schwarzenegger was only there for eye candy, and the boy and his servant only for comic relief. She really didn’t need any of them.

Ripley has to be the first because she WAS the first. She’s the godmother of female scifi roles and she did a lot of butt kicking in tiny underpants. If someone inst getting the job done, she will do it.

So that’s my top five scifi roles for women!


Why I liked Deadpool


I think I enjoyed Deadpool so much because I am NOT a comic book fan. By that, I mean I am not a fan of any comic book or character.  I have seen many a Marvel comic book-based movie and while I enjoyed some,  I can go without ever seeing them.

Yet I knew ahead of time Deadpool was going to be different, irreverent and unlike the other formula comic book movies.  That is probably why I enjoyed it so much and want to watch it again.  It made fun of itself, the genre, other Marvel / Fox owned characters, Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman.  But that is because Deadpool, the character is like that.

Now suddenly there’s a spurt of gritty rated R comic book movies about to go into production.  I do NOT think Hollywood gets it. That’s what Deadpool’s character does, it is what he is about.  I hope the execs do not this is a  new working formula: ‘irreverence’ + ‘nudity’ + ‘violence’ + ‘breaking the 4th wall’ = $$$$$.  Because that formula is NOT going to work for every other comic movie.



A Change

Well I have decided to really make this a blog and not just post about web design related content.  I want to delve into copy writing and editing.  So I am training myself by using sites like and free materials on the Internet.

See you in my next post!


Flash Is Dead?

Well looks like Adobe is borrowing a tactic from Microsoft by ‘rebranding’ their product.  MS took Internet Explorer and pushed it under a rug somewhere and gave us “EDGE”.  Microsoft, you ain’t fooling anyone!

Now Adobe is killing the Flash name brand and giving us Adobe Animate CC.  Hopefully WebGL will just save us from this nonsense.


Bye Flash!   via