Why I liked Deadpool


I think I enjoyed Deadpool so much because I am NOT a comic book fan. By that, I mean I am not a fan of any comic book or character.  I have seen many a Marvel comic book-based movie and while I enjoyed some,  I can go without ever seeing them.

Yet I knew ahead of time Deadpool was going to be different, irreverent and unlike the other formula comic book movies.  That is probably why I enjoyed it so much and want to watch it again.  It made fun of itself, the genre, other Marvel / Fox owned characters, Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman.  But that is because Deadpool, the character is like that.

Now suddenly there’s a spurt of gritty rated R comic book movies about to go into production.  I do NOT think Hollywood gets it. That’s what Deadpool’s character does, it is what he is about.  I hope the execs do not this is a  new working formula: ‘irreverence’ + ‘nudity’ + ‘violence’ + ‘breaking the 4th wall’ = $$$$$.  Because that formula is NOT going to work for every other comic movie.




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